A Time to Move

Years ago I needed to say goodbye to my psychologist after 3 years of being guided through my depression. It was a sad day as I remember walking into the consultation with a knot in my stomach. It was also an exciting time as I was about to venture out into the world without my weekly dose of discussion sessions. I however felt as if I had been equipped with the necessary skills to move forward.

It is now that I feel ready to move forward from this grief journey. I have come to know that Yolanda would be encouraging me to move forward, just as she did all those years ago. This has been on my mind for some time and this evening I feel absolutely ready to move.

So to everyone who has read my blogs and offered words of encouragement and support I say thank you. My hope and prayer I that my simple words would be an encouragement to others on a similar journey. You will find the strength as long as you face your grief. It won’t be easy however you will make it if you do the work.

This won’t be my last post as I will check in now and again. Love and strength to all