This is for the broken

A beautifully worded piece about our journey with grief

Beauty from ashes

This is for people who feel lost in their lives at this moment. Let me tell you that it’s not over yet. Everything you are going through is adding so much meaning to your life and making you grow. The very moment you felt disconnected is the moment you know that you’re striving. That you are taking steps ahead, some tiny and some big. Some that take the tiniest thought and some that make you leap in faith. Some that make you feel weak and some that remind you of your strengthened heart. It’s okay to take tiny steps and short breaths. It’s okay for the slow pace because you know you haven’t given up.

If everything in front of you seems dark and dizzy, hang in there for a little longer. It’s only the darkness that shows you the stars. These moments of closed doors and silent cries are…

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