Heartbroken but gotta keep going

Sometimes you hear how someone lost their soulmate and then died from a broken heart. Having lost Yolanda almost a year and a half ago there are times that this corkscrew of pain grips my heart. There are times that the pressure from this pain feels as if it will cause my heart to stop. There are times that I feel okay if that were to happen. Then there is one of my favorite songs from “The Lion King” playing softly in the background of my consciousness, “He lives in you”. It is then that I look at my two daughters and realize that Yolanda lives in them. Suddenly the desire to roar ahead is reignited as I know her legacy, her values, her love can and will be carried forward. The image of the Olympic flame being carried from one Olympic game to another coming to mind.

Milah and Hannah you are the flame carriers of your Mothers legacy and I am one hundred percent committed to being the support staff to ensure that this vision is kept alive.