Last week I was listening to an interview of a comedian who is a self proclaimed atheist. The radio host was making reference to a part of the show that made some of the audience uncomfortable. The comedian answered that this was intentional as it stimulated thought and possibly discussion around the topic. The comedian was discussing the reaction of different members of society around death. This obviously got my attention, but not for the reason that most would have thought. It was his statement about Christians grieving after the loss of a loved one. He questioned that if Christians believe in God and heaven how is it possible that Christians grieve. He asked why is it that Christians aren’t celebrating?

Now I don’t profess to be a Christian, I do believe in a Christian God, I struggle with God and why, why,why and so on. This comedian had definitely stimulated thought. I started to think how it was plausible that he had arrived at such a conclusion. How was it possible that basing his views on such narrow perspectives he found it possible to live his life as an atheist. Could it be possible that he thought being a Christian stopped one from having feelings and emotions? Could he have thought that being a Christian came with super powers?

I am no bible expert, I am no God expert and I certainly can’t claim to know all the text of biblical scripture. The little that I have read and heard has convinced me that being a Christian, being a true follower of Christ doesn’t absolve you from the pain and suffering in this world. The Bible is full of stories of suffering, of individuals and nations being exposed to the suffering that comes with life here on earth.

I am also reminded that the shortest sentence in the Bible simply says “Jesus wept”. So why am I grieving if I believe Yolanda is in heaven? The answer for me is simple, it is because I experienced a love like no other, an unconditional love, a love that only a soulmate can give. I grieve my loss. I grieve because I am left alone to walk the remainder of my days here on earth without my soulmate. I don’t for one second grieve that Yolanda is in heaven with her Heavenly Father. All her pain and suffering gone.

So I would like to apologize to this comedian if my grief has caused him to reinforce his atheist views. I guess the toughest part of being human is getting the balancing act just right. When to celebrate the unconditional love offered to us from God and when to grieve the loss of a loved one.

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