Seeing the whisper

Grief is a gift

There is a heart in heart connection.

Please grab onto my soul and don’t let’s go.

Forever I ask from you to stay all the while by my side.

My essence flies with a flutter from you.

We are going on a sojourn of memories when you were walking the


But there is a time when the sky expresses my tears.

And I’m comforted by the cradle of love.

Rocking me into reality.

You left my spirit shattered.

I was a lost sheep wandering aimlessly.

Separation justified my heartache.

Painting itself into my world.

Nothing can stop this journey.

I was so in love.

Our lives burning in the essence,

Of the flame,

We started so long ago.

By the moon’s charming ways.

We were captivated by the pull that lulled our adventure to be


Sorrow is a bridge I travelled upon.

And with…

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